Search criteria when buying

Why should you share your personal search criteria for your dream property in Mallorca ?

Again and again customers come to us who hold a huge file folder, full of offers and appointments in their hands. Often you see the same offer, with a little different photos and different brokers. This leads to double sightseeing and the prospective a lot of time is lost.

I would like to give you an example:
A customer calls us and asks for a viewing appointment. He has chosen 4 properties that he would like to see. During the survey it turns out that different, very important criteria have to be met. The client has 2 small children who are not sure about swimming and the grandparents will also use the property. 3 of the 4 objects shown already fall away. Why? An object has no elevator, which is not possible for the grandparents. The 2 properties is beautiful, but located in a residential complex, which is not really kid friendly. The third object is too far from the pool, which is not practical for both parents and grandparents.

So we would not have had to visit 3 of the 4 objects if the customer had told us more about them before. Thus, both the customer and we could save a lot of precious time.

As a broker, we have made it our mission to find the right property for YOU. We can only do that if we have met you and your individual wishes.

Work with us to find YOUR property in Mallorca for you.

We are no SHOWERS … ..we are a team of professional sellers who are interested in YOUR WISHES.

Contact us today and give us a call. We will advise you professionally and individually and with you the way to a dream home.

Greetings from El Toro – Port Adriano
Your Ina Simone Steffek

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